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  COMPETITION 2014      

International Piano Competition

“Mme. Rosina Lhévinne”



Art. 1 The competition is open to citizens of all nationalities. 

Art. 2 The enrollment form, completed and signed by an applicant (or parent for minors) must be sent to the Ente Concerti Castello di Belveglio ( Remittance of enrollment fee (not refundable in the event the applicant does not participate) shall be sent to Ente Concerti Castello di Belveglio c/o Cassa di Risparmio di Asti Agency in Mombercelli (Asti, Italy), IBAN: IT74I0608547490000000020410 Swift CASRIT22 by June 30th 2014 or for participants coming from USA on line to: The enrollment forms must be sent by E mail to:! with details of payment indicating the name of the participant and category of enrollment. The Direction reserves the right to accept enrollments made after the deadline date. 

Art. 3 The enrollment fee is Euro 50 (US $68) per person for participants in all categories except the sections for YOUNG SOLOISTS from age 6 to 10 (Category D) who will pay Euro 35 (US 47.60) each participant. 

Art. 4 Candidates will not be admitted to the competition unless payment and documents are received in advance. The entry fee will not be refunded if the applicant withdraws from the competition. 

Art. 5 The Competition will be held from August 23 to 25, 2014 at the Fondazione Passarelli, via Don Peppino Passarelli 2, San Marco di Castellabate, Salerno, Italy. The auditions are open to the public. 


Art. 6 Contestants shall be present in the office of the “Competition Secretary “at the Fondazione Passarelli of San Marco di Castellabate for the roll core the day of audition. For information: or telephone (0039) 335 5458310.

Art. 7 The order of performance will be drawn by lot.

Art. 8 All works (with the exception of compositions written after 1950) must be performed by memory except for Cat. D (ages 6 to 10 years). 

Art. 9 Contestant must give judges a copy of the music presented when entering to perform. 

Art. 10 Judges may stop a contestant during his/her performance during the first round and reserve the right to listen to only a part of each piece presented.  

Art. 11 The Competition is divided into three categories:

I   Section A The Grand Prize

II  Section B Four Hands Piano Artists

III Section C Young Soloist (11 to 17 years)

IV Section D Young Soloist (6 to 10 years) 

Art. 12 Names of the Jury composed of internationally reknowned musicians will be made known prior to the beginning of the Competition. President of the Jury is Dr. Yulia Lipmanovich. 

Art. 13 If a member of the jury has given lessons to a candidate, he will not vote for that participant. 

Art. 14 The jury reserves the right to not award all prizes in the event the artistic level be insufficient. The first prize of the GRAND PRIZE category cannot be shared, but other prizes may be shared at the discretion of the jury. The decision of the jury is final and not subject to appeal.


5th  World Competition 2013
During the program, the 5th  World Competition for musicians up to 30 years of age will take place. This year’s competition will be for the following instruments: VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO, PIANO. Qualified program participants will be invited to apply. Detail information is below.


Marlaena Kessick, Director

organized by

with International Representation by BV ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL
Tel. (001) 718-871-5041 (USA), E-mail:

August 25, 26, 2013

at Fondazione Passarelli

San Marco di Castellabate (Salerno - Italy)



Art. 1 The Competition is international and open to participants of any nationality and divided in sections for young musicians up to 18 years of age. The Competition will be held at the “Fondazione Passarelli”,via Torretta,18 - San Marco di Castellabate (Salerno) - Italy on August 25 and 26, 2013.
Art. 2 To participate, young musicians will be admitted upon receipt of the enrollment form to be sent to the Ente Concerti Castello di Belveglio, v. Mazzini 11, 14040 Belveglio, Asti (Italy) together with Euro 61,00 to be sent to the Ente Concerti Castello di Belveglio, by bank remittance via Cassa di Risparmio di Asti,IBAN IT74 I 0608547 4900 0000 0020410 before June 30, 2013.

Art. 3 The Competition is divided in four sections for each instrument: VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO.

Section A up to 8 years of age: Program 5 minutes
Section B up to 12 years of age: Program 6 minutes
Section C up to 15 years of age: Program 8 minutes
Section D up to 18 years of age: Program 12 minutes

Art. 4 The musical program is freely chosen by the participants. For Section D the program must include at least two difference composers of which the jury may request partial selections.
Art. 5 The participants will receive free hospitality bed plus meals during the audition day, and may occupy their room (without supper) from the evening before the audition until 8 o’clock of the morning after the audition day. The definite audition schedule will be communicated before July 15th.
Art. 6 Relatives accompanying participants will be admitted to assist during the auditions and, if requested, will have hospitality at the Passarelli Foundation for a contribution of Euro 60 (room for 2 nights + meals for the day of the audition.
Art. 7 Those participants who require a piano accompanist may utilize free of charge the accompanist
put at their disposition by the Competition. In this event, copy of the music must be sent to the Ente Concerti before June 30th. A brief rehearsal can be made on the afternoon preceding the audition. Otherwise, a participant may utilize his own accompanist at his own expense.
Art. 8 The participants who arrive by air can reserve a private bus from the Naples Airport to the Fondazione Passarelli. (Tel. 0039 0974 961565).
Art. 9 Roll call will be made at 9 AM the day of the audition. The foreseen program will be August 25th at 9am for VIOLIN and VIOLA; 9am August 26th for the CELLO. Please request confirmation of schedule before making air reservations.

Art. 10 PRIZES


The winner of each section of each instrument (with votation of at least 99/100) will receive:

Section A Euro 200, medal and diploma


Section B Euro 250, medal and diploma


Section C Euro 300, medal and diploma


Section D Euro 500, medal and diploma

All participants will receive a DIPLOMA OF PARTICIPATION signed by the Jury.
Art. 11 In the event a participant be a relative or student of a member of the Jury, that jurist will abstain from voting.
Art. 12 The decisions of the Jury are not appealable.
Art. 13 The organizers of the Competition reserve the right to freely record or film the auditions or performance of the participants to whom no compensation will be due.