Hampson Sisler’s compositions:  orchestral

I.       Concert Band Music

         American National Holidays Suite

a.      New Year (Jan. 1st)
b.      Reflections Of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Jan. 15th)
c.      Abe Lincoln Turns to Prayer (Feb. 12th) – President’s Day, mid February
d.      Washington At St. Paul’s (Feb. 22nd) – President’s Day, mid Feb.
e.      Battle Reflections (Memorial Day, May 30th)
f.       Liberty’s Fulfillment (Independence Day, July 4th)
g.      Labor Day (early September)
h.      Columbus Sails From Spain (October 12th)
i.       Veterans’ Day (Nov. 11th)
j.       Thanksgiving (late November)
k.      Christmas (Dec. 25th)
         Civic Events Suite

a.      Citizenship Day (Sept. 17th)
b.      Election Day (early Nov.)
c.      Arbor Day (April)
d.      Earth Day (April)
e.      Flag Day (June 14th)

II.      Orchestral Suites and Tone Poems:

         The Big Bang (start of the Solar System) – with organ

a.      Nebula
b.      The Bang
c.      Lakes, Rivers, Seas
d.      Forests, Deserts, Fields
e.      Planets, Moons, Space

         The Cosmic Divide (Book of Revelation, the Bible)

a.      Sun, Moon and Crown of Twelve Stars (Introd. and Fugue)
b.      Heads and Horns Of the Dragon
c.      The Archangel, the Prince
d.      The Seven Blasphemies
e.      Deceiving Wonders (magician)
f.       Hymn To the Lamb

         Faiths, Cohabiting

a.      Hebrew
b.      Christian
c.      Muslim
d.      Finale (amalgamation of the previous three) 
         Four Impromptus
a.      Contemplation
b.      Muse
c.      Passacaglia
d.      Toccata 

         Israeli/American Festival Overture

         Nature’s Terrorists

a.      Prey
b.      Piranhas
c.      Venus Fly Trap
d.      Killer Bees
e.      Panic

         Milestones (mega-suite)

a.      Birth Song
b.      Coming Of Age
c.      Nuptials
d.      Baccalaureate
e.      New Horizon
f.       Stepping Up
g.      Accolades
h.      Progeny
i.       Trophy
j.       Anniversary
k.      Reunion
l.       Bowing out
m.     Golden Age
n.      Promenade For Departed Life
         Rondo Symphonic, Fugue and Epilogue (Organ Concerto)
         Storms Abounding (tone poem)
         Thermals Rising (i.e., global warming) (tone poem) 
          Tsunami  (tone poem)

III.        Choral/vocal music, with orchestral accompaniment: 


         Cantata For Living  (24 minutes) for SATB chorus and solo quartet.

a.      New Year/New Day
b.      Interactions
c.      Outcomes
d.      Commemorations
e.      Filiations
f.       Maturity

         Diurnal Night (solo cantata for soprano and orch. or keyboard accomp.) (ten minutes)

         Japan Tragedy, 2011 (cantata for children’s voices, soprano and baritone solo/narration and orchestra:  the great earthquake and tsunami)(fifteen minutes)

         Music In the Soul  (duo cantata for soprano and baritone:  love poem of Czech origin)  (twelve minutes)

         Of Humankind (trio cantata for mezzo soprano, tenor and baritone (Adam, Eve and the Snake: Garden of Eden) (ten minutes)

         Prayer of St. Francis (solo piece for soprano or tenor, with organ or orch. accomp. ( 3 ½ minutes) 

         Songs Of the Sages (full cantata for SATB chorus and solo quartet, based on Biblical Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Apochryphal Wisdom Of Solomon (25 min., abridgable to 15 minutes)
         Shakespeare Sonnets (5) for soprano, baritone soli and duet (16 minutes)

a.      Time’s Legacy (#11) (baritone)
b.      Should Beauty Die? ( # 6)(soprano)
c.      Winter (# 5) (baritone)
d.      Truant Muse (#101) (soprano)
e.      Be Thou Joined In One (#8) (soprano/baritone duet)


IV.       Oratorio

           The Second Coming [of Christ] (one hour)

Part I: Two prophesies of Christ, from the Biblical Book of Matthew
Part II: The Seven Seals/Veils, including the Four Horsemen Of the Apocalypse, Biblical Book of Revelation
Part III: The Seven Trumpeting Angels (Revelation), heralding the end of the world and the return of the Messiah.

V.      Sacred anthems, for SATB chorus, with keyboard accompaniment or a cappella  (five minutes or shorter):
a.      See the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph (Ascension)
b.      The Transfiguration Of Christ (miracle story)
c.      Who is This That Cometh (Advent or Palm Sunday)
d.      Let us Exalt Him (any church festival)
e.      Every Good and Perfect Gift (Advent or stewardship)
f.       Christ, Redemptor (a cappella)
g.      These Forty Days (Lent, a cappella)
h.      Spirit Of God (Pentecost, a cappella)
i.       Give Peace (a cappella)
j.       Celebration Psalm (with two trumpets and percussion plus keyboard)
k.      The Saints of God (All Saints/Souls)
l.       Most High omnipotent Lord (St. Francis Day or general)
m.     Prayer Of St. Francis (solo for soprano or tenor, with keyboard accomp.) 

VI.       Music for Pipe/classical electronic  Organ
         American National Holidays Suite:  (see bandstration listing above for titles of the eleven movements)

           Four Chorale Impromptus Suite
a.      Contemplation On Two themes (for Martin Luther King, Jr.:  Ein Feste Burg & Steal Away)
b.      Chorale Prelude on “Mercy” and “Marion”
c.      Reverie On the Scottish Psalters (of 1615 and 1635)
d.      Toccata on “Deo Gracias” [Agincourt Hymn]

           Family Days Suite
a.      Mothers’ Day
b.      Fathers’ Day
c.      Celebrate the Children
d.      A Salute To Grandparents (Second Sunday in September) 
         Civic Events Suite (see bandstration listings for titles of the five movements ) 
         Popular Monastics Suite
a.      At Candlemas  (Feb. 2nd)
b.      St. Valentine (Feb. 14th)
c.      St. Patrick (March 17th)
d.      Nature’s St. Francis (of Assisi)  (October 4th)
e.      All Saints/All Hallows (November 1st)
VII.       Miscellaneous

         Central Park In Winter (piano solo) (4 minutes)

         Nature’s St. Francis (orchestrated excerpt from Popular Monastics Suite, for organ)