RECORDING (Audio & Video)  

BVAI is proud to provide highest quality professional recording services to our clients. If you need your event or project recorded Audio and/or Video, please contact us for more details.

Special recording offer for soloists, conductors and composers: we can record and produce your project by providing professional musicians including leading Bulgarian Symphony Orchestras. We can record your project at some of the best Bulgarian state or private recording studios and/or concert halls. Instrumentalists, singers, conductors and composers of new/old and film music can benefit from this special offer and have their projects recorded in Bulgaria at a lower cost. Our low price is based on our exclusive agreement with a large number of leading music professionals in Bulgaria. Upon your request we can also assist you with recording and producing your project in the US using US orchestra, recording studio and equipment.
In addition we can produce your CD/DVD on our own BV Records label or refer your project to other recording labels in the US and Europe.
For more information please contact us.